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Full Size Body Mat, Small Target Pad, Controller & Travel Bag
Accessories are additional (see below)

Exceptional Customer Service  and Support! 

- Customer Portal for Usage & Tips
- 3 Year Warranty (control unit)
- $75 Flat Rate Shipping USA Continental
- $300 Flat Rate International Shipping

We ship worldwide

PEMI Full Body System $5000

Test your environment


EMF Meter $200

Designed for Auricular use 


PEMF Headphones $600

PEMF Pen $600


Designed for small areas

Designed for eye use


PEMF Goggles $600



Damaged, injured and dysfunctional cells are areas of the body that have become lower in cellular energy charge.  Lower Energy levels in cells, is the cause of Lower Quality Production from those cells.  Cells repair, and replace, and duplicate brand new cells (over the entire body) every 3 to 7 months.  New replacement cells, that have been produced by cells with low energy, will perform poorly, providing less quality work than higher energy cellsTHIS IS CALLED AGING & DISEASE.


Elimination of Electrosmog

A process removes interfering fields, which creates an optimal environment for the device to work most effectively. Most other devices output higher than the World Health Organization's approved level of 100 mT. Even at our highest intensity, we only operate at 40μT.

Increase Ion Transport

Our process increases the energetic charge of a cell by improving the cell’s ATP production. This process enhances the efficiency in which charged molecules or atoms (energy) are received from, food, water and air. These floating ions enter the cell walls more easily and bring the provided nutrients to be metabolized, which creates ATP in large amounts. A standard, healthy cell membrane measures at 70-110 mV, while a sick person’s often measures around 40-50 mV. 

Nitrogen Monoxide Release

Endothelia cell receptors are stimulated, releasing more NO. This, in turn, causes a rise in the calcium-ion concentration, which leads to a pH subsidence. This sensitizes the baroreceptors, the sympathetic nerve is restricted, and the vascular dilitation is intensified.  NO, a labile link with a short half-life, has a central meaning in controlling the vascular resistance. NO controls many central functions such as the neurotransmitters and the macrophages-cytotoxin, while additionally hindering the platelet aggregation.   

Improved Circulation

Direct influence of the electromagnetic tension at the vascular membrane.

What Sets The PEMI Apart


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PureWave offers the most advanced technologies to enhance well-being at a cellular level with cutting edge science-based technologies that provide the key to anti-aging and wellness.

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