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Effortlessly restore your heart rhythm pattern to create physiological coherence. Coherence is a scientifically measurable state characterized by increased order and harmony in the mind, emotions and body. Undergoing an emotional purge can benefit the entire body, and profoundly affect how we perceive, think, feel, and perform.


Personal Growth:

When all the five brain waves are in sync, the ordinary thinking process is “transcended.” It’s replaced by a state of pure consciousness. Achieve perfect stillness, rest, and a complete absence of mental boundaries, and manifest solutions to your wellness journey.


Clarity of Mind:

When observing the biometrics with a menla scan, all five brainwaves, delta, theta, alpha and beta and gamma become balanced. Most people who experience brain fog are in a high delta brainwave state.

Deep Relaxation:

Balances the sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous system. Encourages a deep parasympathetic state for relaxation and stress relief. Stress creates lack of synchronization. The biosynchronization of the frequencies helps to restore balance between brain, heart rate and respiration rate.


Healthy Cells:

Establishes optimal state of ionic exchange for cells and conditions for optimal cellular replication.


More Energy:

Enhances cellular voltage as observed by bioimpedance phase angle measurement. 


EMF Resilience:

Helps reduce the impact of harmful electromagnetic environmental stress. 



The Vibroacoustic, electromagnetic and infrared all support detoxification of the body. 

Physical, Mental & Emotional RESET  

What Biohackers Say About PureWave's VEMI Biosynchronizer Bed
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Balance energy field/emotions

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Relieve Stress and Anxiety

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Tap into your Intuition

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Cellular Coherence

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The Ultimate State of Relaxation and Energy Restoration

The VEMI is the perfect wellness device to uplevel your personal growth and bio-physiology. One 30 minute session will give you the ability to have the ultimate feeling of relaxation and energy restoration which may last for days. After a session feel limitless and ready for anything.

The VEMI is the only luxury energy delivery system that combines three distinct modalities, vibroacoustic, electromagnetic and far infrared heat. They envelope the body in millions of harmonic frequencies, which helps reset, restore and rebalance the integrity of our biological system.


The VEMI biosynchronizes the biostacking of these three effective modalities with frequency waveforms. The millions of frequencies automatically target areas in the body that are low in cellular voltage. By using extremely low frequencies, the VEMI re-establishes coherence and order within the bio-physiology of the user. 

The PureWave VEMI

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Touchless Technology for your Hotel, Spa & Clinics 

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Hear What Other People Are Saying

Our bodies comprise trillions of subatomic particles, which include, electrons, protons, and neutrons. Each of these particles have a pattern of spin that generates energy waves. Imagine trillions of particles spinning in concert together. The sum pattern of all of these waves emanating from the particles in our body create a biofield.


The biofield is a field of electromagnetic energy that surrounds and interpenetrates the human body. In 1994, a panel of National Institute of Health scientists named the field of energy and information that surrounds the human body a biofield.

Ultimately, the biofield informs the physical, mental, and emotional aspects of the human body.


Our cells exchange information to regulate body functions through sending and receiving specific frequencies. This cell signaling precedes and regulates all biochemical actions. When these natural frequency signals become scrambled, so does our body’s ability to self-regulate and maintain healthy function. This disruption can occur because of the introduction of things like certain viruses, toxins, heavy metals, radiation, and harmful electromagnetic fields.

When unhealthy frequencies, such as WiFi signals, disrupt cellular function and alter the cell’s vibration that its ability to send, receive, and accurately interpret signals is compromised, incoherence will manifest.

Therefore, creating improved biofield coherence can improve physical, mental, & emotional function.

National Library of Medicine

Read the latest study on sound and health published by Pubmed. "Life Rhythm as a Symphony of Oscillatory Patterns: "Electromagnetic Energy and Sound Vibration Modulates Gene Expression for Biological Signaling and Healing."

Frequencies and Your Health