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Creating Healthy Cells & Lasting Energy Everday!

Bioenergetic Wellness Systems for a Healthier You

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PureWave is a leader in Bioenergetics;

the science of how energy is transferred in cells, tissues,

and organs. These processes have a fundamental influence on our health.


At PureWave we do research, product development, manufacturing & distribution of wellness devices for consumer and professional applications.

We only make and use devices that do not emit harmful EMF's.

We only use clean "PureWave" technologies that produce natural frequencies that penetrate and energize our body.

Watch Podcast

(1 Hour)

cellular energy is the key!

Learn What Makes Resiliant
& Healthy Cells

Experts Stephen Cabral &  James Goren tell you how 

Balance energy field/emotions

Cellular Home Therapy Consumer

Relieve Stress and Anxiety

Cellular Home Therapy

Tap into

your Intuition

Cellular Therapy Consumer flyer



Improve your sleep

Float away on our hi-tech luxury biosynchronizer bed

Transcending wellness


a foundation of health


Create healthy cells and lasting energy every day 

Increase Focus

The PEM Icons

 Increase Wellbeing

Cellular Home Therapy Consumer flyer

Improve your Sleep

Health Icons

Restore Energy

Create Healthy Cells Icons


support our military & Veterans

With deep gratitude and appreciation for those who sacrifice their lives to protect us and our country

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