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Dedicated to Innovating


Dedicated to Innovating


PureWave Technologies is a leading provider of innovative bioenergetics wellness devices to help people manage stress, transform their health and live a happier, more productive life. The pure waves are gentle enough for everyday self-care and maintenance on a bioenergetic level for improved cellular function, energy and restoration.  


Our mission is to create a strong foundation of health by bringing PureWave Technologies’ luxury wellness devices into the home and work environments. Our products immediately affect the cellular health and rejuvenate the overall body. By understanding why supercharged cells and coherent cell-to-cell communication is key to health, all people will be able to live a healthier and more active life. Our products are complementary to any health regiment and help you take charge of your preventative care for optimum health and wellness.


We envision a world powered by pure clean energy that enhances the bioenergetics of the human body to restore energy deficiencies and to bring electromagnetic coherence to our environment, homes, workplace and planet.

OUR Story

Powering the Human Body

The Story Behind Our Luxury Energy Systems

PureWave was born out of a desire to restore the body’s health naturally at a cellular level. After discovering the viability of electromagnetic devices, for her own personal health issues, Founder/CEO Toni Goren, and a team of talented engineers, envisioned  and designed a whole new energy system that improves health outcomes for stress management, energy coherence and cellular function.


At the heart of PureWave is the founding core principle, “Healthy people have healthy cells.” Our mission is to create clean, gentle and effective products that eliminate disruptive frequencies and  restore energy to the cells. Users experience deep relaxation, a feeling of lightness, more energy, more clarity, better sleep, better focus and an overall reset.





We are a passionate and energetic team dedicated to delivering high-tech wellness solutions to help people lead a healthier and more energized life. As a leader in bioenergetics, our unique systems help people manage their stress, transform their health and live a happier, more productive life. We invite you to experience the PureWave Difference!


Environmentally conscious, PureWave develops quality, generational products that are designed to last. Our products are engineered for low energy consumption, build with limited use of harmful chemicals, no animal testing or adverse environmental impact. Tragically, electrosmog is advancing all around us, exasperating health issues to all living things by infiltrating and contaminating our air space, water and lands. Therapeutic use of our PEMI System benefits all plants and animals to decrease and eliminate the negative effects of harmful electromagnetic fields with every session. 


As health practices become more integrated into the workplace, PureWave adds to health- based value systems within corporate and at-home work environments to alleviate multiple stress related health issues. Meditation, relaxation and cellular rejuvenation are at the core of an effective health regimen, and can be used to improve wellness at home, or within any business organization. Improving the quality of life is a core driver of the business including creating programs and products that contribute to children's hospitals and working with nonprofits to raise funds and donate products to our Veterans.

Toni Goren brings more than 25 years of healthcare industry expertise spanning medical devices, regenerative medicine, supplements, and consumer health education. 


She has served in executive leadership roles directing sales, marketing, and training initiatives for prominent companies including Neogenis Labs, Empowered Doctor, and AT&T.   


In 2013, Toni was struck with a debilitating thyroid condition that prompted an arduous health journey during which she came close to death. The harrowing experience sparked a mission to uncover natural solutions that would help others reclaim true health and well-being.


Toni soon discovered PEMF therapy. Amazed by its potential but dissatisfied with existing devices, she founded PureWave in 2014 to engineer, manufacture electromagnetic technology. Their mats, pads, and beds incorporate advanced waveform intelligence to effectively promote the body’s self-healing abilities.


Today, Toni continues leading PureWave with a vision to share this transformative energy medicine with the world. She guides the company by the founding core principle, “Healthy people have healthy cells.” PureWave offers training for practitioners and endless inspiration for those seeking to restore their health at the cellular level. 


Toni Goren

CEO/Founder, PureWave Technologies


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