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Business Team

Welcome to PureWave's
Reseller & Affiliate Programs (RAP)

Welcome to PureWave's (RAP) Reseller & Affiliate Programs. We are so happy to have you as part of our PureWave Team! Together we can help change people’s lives by sharing the gift of health!

Your initial information was reviewed and approved because your line of work and passion aligns with our mission of helping people attain and keep the best cellular health possible.


PLEASE NOTE: The name you write on the form, whether it be personal or business, will be the name your commission payments will be made to for your tax purposes. We issue 1099 tax forms at the end of every year to our United States Affiliates.

Now that you have registered, please follow the following steps to access your (RAP) Resource Page.


Go to our website at the bottom of the page look for the login under "Reseller & Affiliate Login" the password is: supercells
We look forward to your enthusiasm and dedication to help spread the PureWave Difference!


The PureWave Team

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