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Our Story: Touchless Therapy for a New Era

We are passionate about PureWave Wellness

Powering the Human Body

The Story Behind Our Luxury Energy Systems


PureWave was born out of a desire to restore the body’s health naturally at a cellular level. After discovering the viability of electromagnetic devices, for her own personal health issues, Founder/CEO Toni Goren, and a team of talented engineers, envisioned  and designed a whole new energy system that improves health outcomes for stress management, energy coherence and cellular function.


At the heart of PureWave is the founding core principle, “Healthy people have healthy cells.” Our mission is to create clean, gentle and effective products that eliminate disruptive frequencies and  restore energy to the cells. Users experience deep relaxation, a feeling of lightness, more energy, more clarity, better sleep, better focus and an overall reset.


Our mission is to create a strong foundation of health by bringing PureWave Technologies’ luxury wellness devices into the home and work environments. The “pure waves” are gentle enough for everyday self-care and maintenance on a bioenergetic level for improved cellular function, energy and restoration. 


We envision a world powered by pure clean energy that enhances the bioenergetics of the human body to restore energy deficiencies and to bring electromagnetic coherence to our environment, homes, workplace and planet.



We are a passionate and energetic team dedicated to delivering high-tech wellness solutions to help people lead a healthier and more energized life. As a leader in bioenergetics, our unique systems help people manage their stress, transform their health and live a happier, more productive life. We invite you to experience the PureWave Difference!

Thank You for Your Interest in PureWave Technologies


If you have press inquiries or if you’d like to write about us, email our PR team at We’d love to chat with you! 

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