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Environmental Health

We're protecting and restoring nature by minimizing negative environmental impacts by:

  • Mitigating electrosmog from sources like WiFi and 5G

  • Limiting use of any harmful chemicals

  • Banning animal testing or adverse environmental impact

cleaning ocean

Responsible Production

We’re conscious of the way we design and engineer our products to reduce waste and conserve energy by:

  • Building quality, generational products designed to last

  • Lowering energy consumption

  • Improving product recyclability

Manufacturing Assembly

Social Responsibility 

We educate the public on the unseen dangers of electrosmog as well as provide health solutions to those most in need in our community by:

  • Training doctors and health experts on dangers of electrosmog.

  • Giving-back products and programs for children

  • Recycling, upgrades and repurposing for Veterans

ocean hiker


A healthy person is

as healthy as their environment.

At PureWave Technologies the environment and social responsibility are core principals that drive our company. We’re working toward a sustainable future by focusing on three key areas:

Taking Action

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