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Catch PureWave’s James Goren on the Replay of Wendy Myer’s Heavy docuseries.

Get ready to hit Replay, as the topic of detox is just too important to miss. Naturopathic physician Dr. Wendy Myers sits down with 100's of health experts including PureWave’s lead engineer James Goren, to find solutions to the health epidemic. The seven-part docuseries aired earlier this month and the replay begins Friday, Feb. 23.

Together they share how environmental toxins like heavy metals and EMF radiation from common household appliances and electronic devices are disrupting the flow of energy and the communication between cells in your body (and how that leads to inflammation, chronic disease, and accelerated aging). 

PureWave’s bioenergy wellness devices help to mitigate against EMF overload and helps to regulate the body’s overall health. In fact, Goren dedicated his career to developing electromagnetic induction devices that power up cellular function which in turn boosts the natural healing ability of the body. Goren gets candid about how he reversed his own lifelong health issues with an early version of PureWave’s PEMI and VEMI technologies. 

Learn how PureWave’s patented technology plays “music” at the cellular level to get receptors vibrating in harmony, or as Goren states, “To resonate like a school of fish or a flock of birds.” This energizes the body, enhances detoxification, enables the cells to take in nutrients and purge waste products effectively, and activates your hidden self-healing potential.

For those struggling with fatigue, chronic issues, brain fog or the inability to detox, this interview provides hope for restoring the body’s natural health. Goren provides actionable steps listeners can take, and tells several stories that prove it’s possible to reclaim our health from even the most dire circumstances. 

With over 100 experts featured, the Heavy docuseries is a must-watch for anyone interested in optimizing wellness and reversing chronic disease, and this docuseries is one you won’t want to miss. 

→ You can register to watch Heavy at NO cost here.



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