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The Brain's Toxic Burden and How it Impacts your Health

“Wait what was I saying,” or “I forgot what I was about to do.” Brain lapses happen. But what if it becomes a daily feeling of fatigue and cognitive inefficiencies, such as reduced concentration and difficulty with memory, normally associated with brain fog.

We used to think neuro-degenerative diseases only affected “older” folks, but that’s not the case any more. With our bodies being exposed to more chemicals, toxins, and heavy metals every day (as many as 100,000 different chemicals), effective detox strategies are critical for long-term health and mental well-being. 

According to a recent Blue Shield Health Index survey, the average age for an  Alzheimer’s or dementia diagnosis is 49 years old. And according to the CDC, nearly six million Americans are living with Alzheimer’s as of 2020. 

Worse yet, that already huge number is expected to hit 14 million by 2060! 

So how can you protect yourself?

Unfortunately, detoxing isn’t as simple as taking a smoothie packed with supplements or hitting the sauna. Especially with the sheer quantities of toxins we’re exposed to, stronger methods are needed to detox our bodies and our brains effectively. Because what we think of as “brain fog” may very well be a sign of the early stages of brain decline. 

The brain uses up to 20 percent of the body’s energy output, said Dr. Wendy Myers, a world-renowned detox expert and one of PureWave’s partners.

“Our mitochondria produce our body’s energy,” Myer’s said. “Naturally, if mitochondria are not working properly and energy production is low, brain performance will suffer. Mitochondrial dysfunction from arsenic, aluminum, tin, thallium and cesium reduce energy (ATP) supply to neurons, astrocytes and other brain cells.”

Detoxing the body helps to flush out the overload of toxins interfering with the overall health of the body. Eating the right food, exercise and supplements also support the cause, as well as targeting mitochondria with the right therapies. 

PureWave’s PEMI (electromagnetic induction device) will help you to maintain robust cellular vitality while supporting the mitochondrial energy production process, said James Goren, lead engineer at PureWave.

“Our PEMI can support the detox process and help protect our brains from the ultra-damaging effects of heavy metals and the thousands of chemicals in our environment by boosting the cells’ level of efficient energy,” Goren said. "We don't have to let aging steal our vitality."

Discover more the powerful solutions you can use to support effective detox and protect your brain from decline by joining PureWave and Dr. Wendy Myers for the docuseries “Heavy,” an off-the-record exposé of some of the biggest threats to our health today. It starts today!

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