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WEST PALM BEACH - Detox Expert Wendy Myers is kicking off a groundbreaking docuseries that will educate the public on the dangers of heavy metals and how to detoxify their bodies. PureWave’s chief Engineer James Goren appears as a guest speaker in the upcoming show.

“I’m honored to be a part of her docuseries,” Goren said. “We applaud her dedication to educating people about how they can lead healthier lives.. Wendy, just like us, is so passionate about helping people live their best lives.”

HEAVY: Inescapable Toxins Causing our Health Epidemics, is a free docuseries running from Feb. 15-22. The show uncovers the root cause of declining wellness and provides effective solutions to combat toxic overload. Viewers can watch 107 interviews with experts on topics like:

  • Where to find the safest consumer brands and food 

  • How to stay safe from the medications we’re finding in our so-called “clean” drinking water

  • The 6 deadly ways toxins promote obesity 

  • The lead and toxins hiding in baby formula, dog food, and protein powders

  • The sneaky way that toxins mimic hormones causing imbalances — and why HRT isn’t the solution

  • How the four most common heavy metals that cause hormone imbalance are dampening your drive in the bedroom

  • The easiest and most effective thing you can do to detox your body every day

  • The forces working against us to prevent optimal health

  • How ozone helps to detox your body by oxidizing heavy metals and toxins

  • How mercury interferes in thyroid hormone production and conversion

Wendy Myers, ND, is a naturopathic doctor and functional diagnostic nutritionist, and the founder of  In her late 30’s, Dr. Myers thought she was doing everything right when it came to her health. She was eating well, exercising regularly, and taking expensive supplements, but she still struggled with chronic fatigue and brain fog. 

In addition to being tired all the time, she had thyroid dysfunction, low hormones, low libido, and could never get a good night’s sleep. She felt like she was on a health precipice and needed to take action fast. 

On her health journey she discovered the incredible importance of detoxification, especially heavy metal detox. She learned exactly why she was experiencing chronic fatigue. 

She learned how to detox the body from these contaminants that we are being exposed to in our environment, in our water, food, and air, and she’s now on a mission to share this critical life-saving information with other people. 

After working with thousands of patients the number one complaint she found was fatigue. Many of these patients had been seeing other doctors for years and following the traditional medical advice, including taking various medications without any change in their symptoms. 

In the course of her health journey and her research as a naturopathic doctor, Dr. Myers discovered that one of the root causes for these symptoms is heavy metal toxicity. 

There are various toxic heavy metals that cause fatigue and contribute to symptoms associated with auto-immune diseases. These include arsenic, aluminum, tin, thallium, cesium, mercury, lead, titanium, and others. Unfortunately these metals are abundant in our modern environment and they cause a variety of major health problems. 

Getting them out of our bodies is critical for our well-being because they interfere with our mitochondrial functioning, inhibiting the production of ATP which is the basic form of energy our bodies use. They interfere with digestion and absorption of nutrients, and with brain function as well. 

This contributes to brain fog and chronic fatigue and many other health issues. 

The presence of these metals can dispel the electric charge on our cell membranes and prevent nutrients from entering the cell. In some cases, for example with lead which is a common heavy metal that many people have in their systems, the mitochondria can be completely surrounded and choked off and thus unable to function. 

In our modern environment it’s no longer enough to just eat a healthy diet or take supplements. You have to get rid of heavy metals and other toxins interfering with the mitochondrial energy production process. Goren, an expert on electromagnetic technologies for enhancing cellular health, said pairing PureWave’s PEMI (pulsed electromagnetic induction system, helps to support the body’s lymphatic system, which helps the body to naturally rid itself of toxins.

This episode of Heavy featuring Dr. Wendy Myers, ND  will prove to be an eye-opening and informative exchange that you don’t want to miss.

→ You can register to watch Heavy at NO cost here.


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