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PureWave partners with Grey Team to provide technologies in assisting veterans' recovery

West Palm Beach, FL - PureWave Technologies’ ground-breaking wellness frequency devices will help the Grey Team’s Military Community’s proprietary protocols to further advance the rehabilitation of military veterans suffering from service related disorders, such as chronic pain, crippling anxiety, TBI and PTSD effects. PureWave will provide expertise and recommendations regarding best practices, innovative strategies, emergent research, and cutting-edge technologies.

A leader in bioenergetics, PureWave Technologies, a Florida-based wellness-company, will provide their energy systems, the PEMI Devices (Portable ElectroMagnetic Induction) and the VEMI Biosynchronizer Beds (Vibroacoustics, ElectroMagnetic, and far Infrared), to assist veterans to easily attain a relaxed parasympathetic state, said CEO/Founder Toni Goren.

“We are passionate about making a real difference in people’s health,” Goren said. “With our veterans, it is so important to help their bodies’ recalibrate to a relaxed state. Both of our energy systems have gentle frequencies that help the body switch from flight or fight to a more relaxed and stable state. When the body is relaxed it can start to recover on its own.”

Cary Reichbach, U.S. Army Veteran and President/Founder of Grey Team Military Community, is spearheading this initiative to align with the successful programs he has been implementing at Grey Team since 2016, turning lives around for hundreds of Veterans not only in Florida but throughout the United States.

“Our program is unique because, unlike many other institutions, we don’t treat the service member’s symptoms, but instead, attempt to uncover and treat the root caus