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PureWave Technologies Provides Wellness Energy Systems to OsteoStrong Franchises

The premier frequency device company upgrades OsteoStrong franchises with high-tech energy devices.

March 2022

WEST PALM BEACH, FL, —PureWave Technologies announces its product placement partnership with OsteoStrong, an integrative health and wellness franchise company. The Florida-based company, focused on developing cutting-edge frequency devices for restoring optimum health, adds Electromagnetic Induction Devices and Biosynchronizer Beds to the OsteoStrong centers.

When it comes to cellular health, PureWave Technologies offers the most advanced technologies to help clear the body of disruptive frequencies, restore cellular communication and create a harmonic resonance in the whole body. PureWave Technologies is placing both the PEMI Devices (Portable ElectroMagnetic Induction) and the VEMI Biosynchronizer Beds (Vibroacoustics, ElectroMagnetic, and far Infrared) inside many of the OsteoStrong centers across the country.

As a trailblazer in the skeletal strength conditioning technology world, OsteoStrong will enhance its menu of biohacking wellness services by adding the dynamic products of PureWave Technologies as a service and retail product to their membership centers.