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How Much EMF Radiation Is Safe?

The Truth May Surprise You

On a daily basis, we are constantly exposed to many forms of electromagnetic radiation from common household appliances, WiFi signals, mobile devices, cell towers, and other sources. While there’s still much debate in the scientific community about the potential dangers of EMF radiation, evidence is mounting that it isn’t harmless. 

According to the World Health Organization’s International Agency for Research on Cancer [1], non-ionizing radiation in the radio frequency range is classified as “a possible human carcinogen.”  Sources for this type of radiation include: 

  • Computers

  • Cell phones

  • WiFi routers

  • Smart meters

  • Microwave ovens

  • Bluetooth devices

  • And other common sources

Long-Term Effects Not Understood

Most electrical devices, especially newer technologies that utilize high-intensity digital waveforms, produce EMF radiation capable of making atoms in our bodies vibrate and freeze. The long-term effects of which are not fully understood. 

Current scientific consensus states that high-energy ionizing radiation, such as that produced by high-frequency transmitters, can damage DNA and cause cancer [2].

The late Dr. Neil Cherry, a biophysicist, prominent researcher and advocate for EMF safety, and one of many expert voices ringing the alarm on this issue, stated: 

"Scientific studies at the cellular level, whole animal level and involving human populations, show compelling and comprehensive evidence that RF/MW (radio frequency/microwave) exposure down to very low residential exposure levels, levels which are a minute fraction of present “safety standards,” results in altered brain function, sleep disruption, depression, chronic fatigue, headache, impaired memory and learning, adverse reproductive outcomes including miscarriage, still birth, cot death, and birth deformities. Many other adverse health effects have been found, predominantly cancer of many organs, especially brain cancer, leukemia, breast cancer and testicular cancer. Studies have also found that RF/MW exposed parents have more children with CNS cancers and other health defects. These effects are consistent with genetic damage caused by RF/MW."

The majority of studies have focused on the effects for adults. Meanwhile the evidence is clear that these effects are even more pronounced in children [3].

EMF is very dangerous in high level, high power, close-up exposure to the human body, said James Goren, PureWave Lead engineer. This includes EMF in high frequencies, like wifi, microwaves, etc.   

“The silent one that is really hurting our HEALTH, is from 60 Hz (very low frequency exposure), that physically shuts down the receptors in our cells and causes more of the aches and pains, and dysfunctioning of cells, leading to dysfunctioning of the organs and all the body parts,” Goren said. “Our cell phones emit both types of radiation; 5 gig Hz EMF and very low power grid EMF 60 and 50 Hz EMF.

“The latter is most concerning as we carry our phone on our person. The stick-on EMF blockers for cell phones, generally block ONLY high frequency, 5 gig Hz type/wifi EMF, and do not block 50 or 60 Hz EMF from the phones. Shutting off the phones will stop the 60 Hz EMF output from the phone.”

Effects Of Free Radicals

Consider how many hours a day you (or your children) are using a cell phone, and for how many years you’ve done so. In addition to the non-ionizing radiation from cell phones, WiFi, household appliances, and other sources impossible to avoid in the modern world, we can also be exposed to ionizing radiation, so named for its ability to create positive ions (otherwise known as “free radicals”) via electron removal. 

These free radicals can damage healthy cells by stealing their electrons, leading to oxidative stress, inflammatory conditions, and a domino cascade of negative health outcomes often associated with auto-immune conditions. 

Electrosensitivity Signs

Scientists predicted by 2017, one out of every two people (50%) reading this report would already be suffering from electro-sensitivity. Most people chalk off their poor health due to aging, however here are some common flags to look out for and talk to your doctor about if they have become chronic issues:

  • Fatigue

  • Sleep disturbance/insomnia

  • Headaches/migraines

  • Brain fog/difficulty concentrating

  • Depression/anxiety

  • Tinnitus (ears ringing)

  • Visual disruption

  • light sensitivity

  • Heart palpitations

  • Dizziness

  • Memory loss

Recommended Exposure Limits & Lack Of Scientific Consensus

One study conducted by the World Health Organization showed a 40% increase in risk [4] for gliomas (cancerous growths affecting the brain and spinal cord) in cell phone users with an average exposure of just 30 minutes per day over a 10 year period. 

There are various scientific bodies around the world who have conducted studies and come up with their own proposed safety standards for EMF exposure. These standards have been adopted by governing agencies overseeing industry implementation of telecommunications technology. In most cases, the most relaxed standards have prevailed (and there is pressure to relax them even more).

As you can see from the table below, the standards vary widely and there is no real consensus as of yet. It may well be that nobody even knows what constitutes a “safe” exposure limit.

The International Commission on Non-Ionizing Radiation Protection (one of the foremost authorities on the subject whose recommendations shape government and industry policy around the world) stated their original 1998 guidelines “are based on short-term, immediate health effects such as stimulation of peripheral nerves and muscles, shocks and burns caused by touching conducting objects, and elevated tissue temperatures resulting from absorption of energy during exposure to EMF.”

The guidelines (which have since been updated) only take into account the thermal effects of EMF radiation, and only with respect to short-term exposures. Long-term and non-thermal effects were not taken into account in the creation of the ICNIRP guidelines. The original guidelines suggested a safety limit of up to 10 million microwatts per square meter, while the most cautious scientific body, the BioInitiative Working Group, suggests a safe maximum of just 6 microwatts per square meter. 

The World Health Organization recommends 10 mV^(2) or less of constant exposure of dirty electricity from power sources.

Links to each organization’s guidelines are included here for your review, and we recommend you take the time to read and understand them. 

Note that some of these figures may be outdated–please do your own research and verify. 

Governing boards measure EMF Radiation in watts, volts and microtesla. The standard for measuring EMFs include:

Electric fields are usually measured in volts per metre (V/m)

Magnetic Fields are usually measured in microteslas (µT)

  • 1 millligauss = 0.1 microteslas

  • 1 ampere per metre = 1.25 microteslas (this conversion for amperes per metre is only true for air and other non-magnetic materials.)

Note: 1 μW (microwatt) = 0.001 mV·A (millivolt ampere)

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How to Protect yourself

The evidence for harmful effects from electromagnetic and radio frequency radiation of both ionizing and non-ionizing types, including non-thermal effects, is growing by the day. The precautionary principle would be, “the less, the better.” Additional steps should be taken to protect yourself and family as well. 

Creating an EMF free zone or taking your family on a nature filled vacation, will help disrupt the constant use of EMF devices. This break will help the body to dispel an overload of radiation and recalibrate to the natural earth frequencies. An alternative as well is to work with devices like the PEMI and VEMI that help to mitigate EMF exposure.

Additional Resources

To learn how to test your environment levels of EMF, click this link for a free Information Guide. 

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More Resources:

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1998 ICNIRP Guidelines


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