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Updated: Jul 28, 2023

High vs low powered PEMF devices

April 21, 2022

West Palm Beach - In our ongoing self-health journey toward ultimate wellness, the new buzzword, “biohacking” has permeated all things health. As the biohacking trend continues to enter mainstream, it can be hard not to get swept up in the extreme range of high-tech treatments and therapies that go beyond the norms of convention.

The growing global trend for science-based health optimization is part of a $4.5 trillion industry, according to the Global Wellness Summit. The significant increase in biohacking clinics and wellness centers are popping up with the newest health technologies, such as PEMF technologies.

There are many Pulsed Electromagnetic Frequency (PEMF) devices available today, which range from very low powered and high powered PEMF systems. When shopping for a PEMF system there are two important elements to spotlight that will ensure your overall well-being: Coherence and Oversaturation.

Is it working?

Just because you don’t feel physical sensations or muscle contractions in your body from a low powered PEMF system, doesn’t mean “nothing is happening.”

Our trillions of cells are constantly communicating to one another without our conscious effort. Our bodies’ electromagnetic field is firing directions to all the systems, cells and tissues in the body. The more coherent our communication system is, the better it can do its job.

Any incoherence in the body affects the clear communication needed to make the body function optimally. Prolonged use of harmful frequencies and voltage disrupts the cellular coherence all over the body.

Biomedical Engineer, James Goren, said he knows first hand how harmful frequencies outside of our body’s natural range can be to our cells.

“When I helped build the first implantable external neurostimulator to help people with debilitating pain,” EMF static was used to block the cell signaling to prevent people from feeling the pain, however they could not use it for prolonged periods of time because their nerve cells and surrounding tissues would begin to putrefy from the device blocking communication.”

Some high powered PEMF devices create “electrosmog” just like wifi and cellular phones. The world health organization recommends 10 mV^(2) or less of constant exposure of dirty electricity from power sources. According to the ICNIRP, the limiting values for safety of time varying PEMF are dependent on both the frequency (usually measured in Hz) and the flux density (or Intensity - measured in microtesla).

Mirroring the body’s communication system

All people run at an average of 0.3 microtesla (µT) to 40 µT at the cellular level. When you go over 40 µT, your body’s receptors start to ignore the over-saturated input, which creates incoherence. Electromagnetic frequency signals are the electrical communication signals that talk to the cells and body.

At PureWave Technologies, our products mimic the body’s electromagnetic frequencies. This is a true biohack because the brain thinks the electrical signaling is coming from itself. It doesn’t ignore the information, but works with the gentle frequencies to help create healthier cells.

A balanced integration of biohacking and lifestyle modification is the fastest and most effective way to optimize your body’s function. Clearing your body of any incoherent energy fields and entraining your body with natural gentle frequencies from the earth and body is the best health approach to longevity and a more optimized lifestyle.

To learn more about PureWave’s products, visit our product page.

About PureWave Technologies

PureWave Technologies is a leading provider of innovative bioenergetics wellness devices to help people manage stress, transform their health and live a happier, more productive life. The “pure waves” are gentle enough for everyday self-care and maintenance on a bioenergetic level for improved cellular function, energy and restoration. PureWave’s easy to use frequency products include lines for commercial and household use.



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